03 Jun 2014

Service Desk Improvements

Brennan IT recognised that our Service Desk call wait times was an area for improvement. Since June last year we implemented a series of actions to improve call wait times and ensure high performance was maintained.

These actions include:

  • Skills based routing – ensuring calls are diverted to engineers who are trained in supporting the specific client’s infrastructure
  • Customer service training for all our Service Desk staff.  This has helped in ensuring we handle calls quickly and efficiently whilst delivering great customer service
  • Adjusted shift rotations to ensure there are adequate staff to cover during peak call periods
  • Improvements to our internal processes and increases in software to ensure Service Desk staff have the necessary tools to support our clients effectively

These figures show that abandoned calls (customers who get tired of waiting and hang up) is less than half a percent.  This is because over 95% of all calls to Brennan IT are answered within 60 seconds!

Incoming call average: 170 – 250 per business day

Current abandonment rate for 2014: 0.24%

Average monthly call pick up time in 60 seconds: 95.20%

Average monthly call pick up time in 120 Seconds: 99.61%

The graph below dating back to October 2013 to May 2014 illustrates this improved and consistent performance.