21 Mar 2013

Security and Intrusion Detection

Malicious attacks come in many forms and an ever increasing array of threats can wreak havoc in a poorly protected network. The complexities of security policies and systems required are often more than the usual firewall and antivirus products that most companies run as set and forget. The security systems that would really meet the needs of your business are seen as a ‘nice to have’ in most environments or require a bespoke skill set that falls outside the usual day to day tasks of an IT team. In an ideal world, what a company really needs is a fully managed IPS solution at an affordable price.  There should be an option for both internal and external IPS system configurations, and additional applications and firewalls available to meet your specific security needs. Managed firewalls and built in redundancy across all units, services to provide web and spam filtering, switch and router management and end user support for antivirus and security best practices all need to be covered; it is only by incorporating all of these services that a business can rest assured they are fully covered in terms of their security needs. Clinton Shiels is a Solutions Architect, Presales at Brennan IT.