18 Jun 2013

Russian millionaire’s timetable to immortality

Dmitry Itskov held a Global Future 2045 Conference in New York City on Saturday to discuss how human minds will someday be about to outlive their bodies. The timetable he has put forward to achieve this goal is as follows: 2020: We will develop robots we can control with our minds. 2025: we will develop the ability to transplant a human brain into life support system, which could be a robot body. 2035: we will develop the ability to move a mind into a computer. 2045: artificial brains will now be developed with the ability to control hologram bodies. But is this timetable at all feasible? The feedback from invited neuroscience experts to the conference indicate that the timeline is ambitious, if not somewhat unrealistic. But that’s not to say that with a little more time it would be achievable. The gathering did allow for the age old question to be debated: is immortality something that we as a society should even want to achieve? Would you want to live forever inside a robot body, if given the option?