10 Jan 2013

Report - New iPhone will cost $99

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that Apple could be launching a budget iPhone by the end of this year. Today, reports have surfaced that Apple is already discussing the device with US carriers, and that the phone will cost between $99 and $149 when the phone comes to the market. The budget phone is an attempt to push back against rival phone distributor Samsung, while increasing sales in Asia. At this point Apple are already behind Samsung when it comes to smartphone market share and it’s predicted that this lead will only increase if Apple don’t make a move to cater to the lower end of the market. This marks a major change in strategy for Apple, who has produced only one handset a year since 2007. The risk in the launch would be the possibility of devaluing the brand – problematic for Apple, who rely heavily on their image to sell their products. While the rumours are hot, nothing is completely confirmed by Apple themselves. There are definitely points for and against the product launch, but only time will tell if Apple decide to take the plunge. What do you think – should Apple launch a budget iPhone?