29 Nov 2013

Report: Government is very unlikely to hit NBN deadline.

A leaked report from NBN Co has revealed that the deadline of 2016 for the delivery of the national broadband network is unlikely to be met. The report also revealed that the network will be insufficient for many businesses, and has been poorly organised. The plan to roll out 25 megabits per second broadband services to all homes by 2016, according to the document, will be hampered by construction and technical issues as well as timing and budgetary problems. Malcolm Turnbull’s model of fibre optic cables installed to nodes or street cabinets with existing copper completing the connection is shown to be bogged down with a huge number of technical issues which will effect timing and costs. “There are a number of conditions that will impact on NBN Co’s ability to undertake a volume [fibre-to-the-node] network rollout,” the report warns. “Given the complexity of these conditions, it is unlikely that NBN Co will meet the 2016 deadline to upgrade the fixed network to enable Australians to have minimum download speeds of 25Mbps.” This information was revealed yesterday, which raises concerns about the profitability of the network, and comes after the sacking of all but two members of the NBN Co following the last election.