18 Apr 2013

Protect your IT reputation

There are an increasing number of companies using managed services to fill their IT needs, whether it’s simple telecommunications services or a fully-hosted network delivering business-critical applications via the cloud. With the plethora of options available to IT managers, how can you find the solution that’s best for you?

Keep you running

Many mid-business companies don’t have the necessary resources or expertise to ensure totally seamless, 24/7 operation of their networks and infrastructure. Planning spending on infrastructure upgrades is difficult with technology moving quickly and disruptive business technologies proliferating more quickly than ever before. If your storage needs are relatively static, and hardware upgrades aren’t on the horizon, there could be advantages to adopting managed services to support and maintain your own systems, whether that takes place remotely, or from within your business premises. But if you’re constantly patching up your systems to keep your networks online, replacing hardware just as it reaches end-of-life, and making adjustments at the last minute, you’re probably better-off adopting a more comprehensive managed services model. Ad-hoc upgrades, patches and fixes simply increase the number of things that could go wrong, and this will eventually come back to bite you. A hosted solution involving SaaS and/or IaaS allows you access to high-level expertise, brand new infrastructure and state-of-the-art, fully-monitored systems that won’t go down (possibly taking your business with them).

Reduce reputational risk

Downtime, poor telephony, frustrating e-commerce modules and sub-standard website/intranet performance can ruin your reputation with customers, suppliers, competitors and the public. IT reliability and continuity is more vital than ever in developing and maintaining a reputation as a functional, professional business outfit, no matter how peripheral IT actually is to your core business. Adopting managed services can improve your reputation in the marketplace and make you the first port of call for tech-savvy customers.

Reduce your costs and foster innovation

With business data becoming more central to forward planning, and the amount of data produced by business processes increasing exponentially, businesses to storing their data in-house face significant capital costs in order to procure the servers needed to store and process this data. Utilising IaaS as a part of your managed services plan can ensure you’ve access to the storage space and processing power you need for a fixed monthly fee. In addition to providing a greater level of data security and seamless access to this data when it’s required, this can also leave a greater proportion of your capital budget available for innovative projects while ensuring you’ve got your day-to-day IT needs covered.