30 Aug 2013

Poll Results: What concerns you most about BYOD

In the last issue of The Voice, we asked you what you thought of BYOD and three messages rang clear: Adopting a BYOD policy is essential, and IT departments are very concerned with security and the demand on their department to support devices. “It’s becoming a necessity. We’re seen as old fashioned and lose credibility with end users if we can’t support their device,” one respondent wrote. Another agreed, pointing out that even if your organisation doesn’t have a BYOD policy, employees are still going to use their own technology to work. “Companies can no longer afford to ignore the tide of consumer devices that employees are already using to get work done,” they wrote. So it would be much easier to simply bring in a BYOD policy and make it simpler for your workers to work in the way they prefer, right? Unfortunately for IT departments, BYOD remains a challenge. A whopping 74% of respondents claimed that security and integrity of data was a continuing concern to the organisation with BYOD, and just over 50% claimed the demand on the IT department to support multiple devices is an ongoing concern. In third place on the list of concerns, nearly 35% of respondents believe BYOD policy and implementation is an issue inhibiting BYOD. There are clearly many organisations out there that understand the value of BYOD, but don’t necessarily know how to implement or manage a robust, secure solution. “My acronym definition of BYOD; ‘Bring Your Own Disasters!’” one respondent wrote. With that said, organisations are finding that robust BYOD solutions are available and executable, it just requires some thought leadership from the IT decision maker, as well as a consultative approach to implementation that involves the end users. Consult with your IT Service Provider and ask them about what they do to combat these challenges. The best BYOD and mobility solutions are the ones that take these 5 key considerations into account: policy, mobile security, device management, selecting the right technology partner and a clear mobility strategy. “We are rolling out a BYOD strategy after giving due consideration to how the business currently uses the cloud to find solutions to global connectivity and productivity road blocks,” one respondent wrote. “By consulting with the innovators in the organisation who ‘get around’ current ‘rules’ we have been able to source and design solution options that provide both flexibility and security. The pilot commences in the next couple of weeks, let’s see how it goes”. ___________________________________________________________________________________

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