25 Jul 2011

New storage solution cuts data footprints up to 20x

If, like many businesses, your data storage requirements are rocketing upwards by 75% a year, you’ll be familiar with the struggle to deploy adequate storage and backup capacity.

Traditionally, the solution has been magnetic tape backup, but with the advent of virtual environments and the need for more and more storage, many organisations are finding tape-based services too slow.

Disk-based off-site and cloud-based alternatives, however, have also struggled because of the demands they place on bandwidth. Thankfully, new innovations have solved this problem, and at Brennan IT we’re now offering storage solutions that can reduce WAN replication bandwidth by up to 99%.

The key is data de-duplication – a system which ensures that your backups contain only one copy of a particular piece of data. When backing up your Exchange server, for example, de-duplication keeps only one copy of a 2 MB email attachment that has been sent to 30 staff, saving 58 MB.

The total data savings are immense – often in the order of 20 times. In turn, this saves both bandwidth and capacity, lowering your transfer and storage costs.

Using cloud-based storage, other benefits include faster restores over local or WAN links, easy off-site backup for disaster recovery and all the advantages of cloud solutions, including on-demand scalability and use-based funding though operational expenditure.

For more information, see the Brennan IT Storage solution under our Cloud Services page.