28 Jun 2013

New fiber optic technology could boost internet bandwidth

With increased use of smartphones, tablets and bandwidth intensive activities, internet providers are under pressure to increase the bandwidth of their internet service to meet the growing needs of consumers. A new technology has been revealed in the United States this week which sends data along light beams that twist like a tornado rather than move in a straight line. The method uses optical cortices, which are like doughnut shaped laser beams. The findings have been made by scientists at Boston University and University of Southern California in collaboration with Danish optics company OFS Fitel. The findings showed that it was possible to send as much as 1.6 terabits per second of data through a one kilo meter fiber – which is 15 times faster than high end cables in data centres today. As the technology is still in its very early stages, it is unclear if and when it will become generally available to the public.