05 Sep 2012

My top tech

Top business app: Evernote Evernote is a powerful cross-platform note taking system, compatible with all major mobile and desktop operating systems, and also accessible online. You can write down notes, make lists, save web pages, record audio, and sync everything across all your devices. It can even recognise printed and handwritten text in photos and images. Evernote offers both free and premium accounts. As of June 2012 it had 34 million users worldwide, including 1.4 million paying users. How Robin uses it: I use Evernote across multiple devices – from my iPhone, iPad and also my laptop. It is a great App for taking notes during meetings, as it automatically syncs the subject of your meeting from your calendar, and adds this to the heading of the notes. Equally, you can add tags to the notes, so that you can sort them into a viable order for referencing. Once you’ve finished writing your notes on one device, you can then view and edit them on any other device you happen to be working from. Top personal app: Flipboard Flipboard is an app that takes your social networks and turns them into a glossy magazine. Available for iOS and Android, it can be used to view all the main social sites, as well as a huge range of curated custom feeds from news and sport to entertainment and travel. As of May 2012 Flipboard had eight million users worldwide, and that was before its Android release. Why Robin likes it: Flipboard is a great App which amalgamates all of your social media networks and also favourite news sites all in one place – meaning you don’t have to move from App to App. The design of Flipboard makes it very easy to navigate through, as you literally “flip” through the pages. The Cover Stories pick all of the headlines, from across your networks, and combine them all to provide you with your own personalised newspaper! Very good for catching up with both news and friends, quickly and easily. What are your top apps for work and play? We’d love to feature them in The Voice. Contact us and you could win a weekly prize if your choices are picked