05 Jul 2013

More than 25% of users ‘not serviceable’ after NBN rollout

The NBN Co has rolled out to more than 207,000 homes and businesses, reaching its June 30 target. However, only 16% of those users have signed up to the service and over a quarter of the total number are classed as ‘service class zero’. This means that they are considered part of the rollout, but will be unable to achieve connection to the service for another 12 to 18 months. NBN Co have come out saying that these figures were always a part of their initial plan. But their 2012 Corporate Plan shows that a premise is considered passed when “the shared network and service elements are installed, accepted, commissioned and ready for service which then enables an End-User to order and purchase a broadband service from their choice of retail service provider”. The ACCC has added to NBN Co troubles, coming out this week saying that their long-term pricing plan will be rejected unless the ACCC are given the power to intervene in commercial disputes. The current proposal is already a revision after the original proposal was rejected in April.