28 Mar 2013

Mobile Browser Apps vs Mobile Websites

There are no hard rules when deciding whether a mobile website or a mobile browser app is best suited for your business. Both leverage HTML, JavaScript and CSS technologies for their development and are accessed through the mobile device’s web browser; however, the functionality, user interface (look and feel), experience and development techniques are very different. Mobile websites are adapted and optimised to display on smaller screens like those of a phone or a tablet. These mobile websites do not always provide a user interface, experience or navigation similar to a native app and rely on an active internet connection to function. Mobile browser apps are designed to provide the same user interface, experience and navigation as other native apps available on phones and tablets and, through HTML5’s offline ‘caching’, are available when there may be no active internet connection. These browser apps can also save data to the device itself, so are ideal for business applications that involve mobile data collection and syncing back to a central database. Mobile browser apps are focused on performing specific line-of-business tasks and functions whilst mobile websites are largely informational.  Want to know what is best suited to your business? Get in touch with us or leave a comment below. Philip Scott is the Business Solutions Practice Manager at Brennan IT.