29 Oct 2014

Microsoft to activate Office 365 management features for iOS, Android and Windows phone

For businesses with Office 365, the management of iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets is now possible, and will not cost any extra.

A common problem that organisations face is when an employee leaves, phones and tablets can contain a frustrating mix of company and personal data. The new features to be launched early next year mean that administrators are able to remove corporate information and leave personal data untouched. The management tool also allows administrators to make sure that email and documents are only synced on corporate phones and tables in the first place, and prevent jailbroken devices from accessing the Office 365 administration portal.

Microsoft has been accused of not doing enough for mobile device and application management, but this move shows that it is taking matters seriously. As mobile devices and applications only become an increasingly important part of corporate life, ways to manage this rise of devices and operating systems becomes vital.

Leif-Olof Wallin, research Vice President at Gartner said this about Microsoft’s update: “It shows Microsoft is serious about wanting to handle both PCs and smartphones. I think it’s a really good idea and I see it as one step in Microsoft’s push to take a larger share of the smartphone market.”