03 Oct 2012

Microsoft: the business partner

Wandering around starry eyed at APC a few weeks ago, one realization hit me more than any other; whilst there were ample stands of organisations spruiking their technology based on its merits over the competitors, Microsoft almost seemed calm. The confidence they exuded over their future and the future of the next range of products was close to Zen like- rarely did I hear mention of competitor products or comparisons between capabilities. The focus was always on how Microsoft is now the best business partner an organisation could possibly have and what benefits a business could enjoy by implementing a Microsoft solution. I would suggest that if anyone decides to question this, then book into a Customer Immersion Experience (CIE). This can only be called a sales weapon, Microsoft is now in its 4th year and the next iteration is about to be launched. It is almost impossible for any business leader to complete a CIE and not want to implement a Microsoft solution immediately, so fair warning to IT managers everywhere…. Be very prepared if you send your Business Managers to a CIE, they WILL return with a raft of work for you to complete integrating an increased level of Microsoft products into your environment, and for good reason. Microsoft has truly become a valued partner to business and will demonstrate increases in organizational efficiency if you let them. The seamless transition to mobile and social media platforms in the coming months will make Microsoft the platform of choice for unified communications and will ensure that other providers will be focused on how to integrate to Microsoft platforms. Good reason for the confidence.