16 Oct 2014

Microsoft skips forward to Windows 10, aims to recapture the business market

Microsoft has announced they will be releasing Windows 10 next year, skipping forward from Windows 8 to show a leap toward a new system that will focus on meeting corporate needs.

Since only 20 percent of organisations have so far adopted the Windows 8 operating system which was released two years ago, Microsoft have come to the conclusion that it might not have met the needs of the corporate environment. This will be a much bigger focus for Windows 10, as a majority of PCs in the world are run by businesses.

But what features will Windows 10 have? For one, Microsoft have announced that the start menu will definitely be a feature, which was originally removed from Windows 8, and then added to Windows 8.1. The menu will bring up a list of the users favourite applications, but will also bring up resizable tiles that provide a quick view of notifications, weather updates, news, or whatever the user wants to see.

Other features include:

  • Snap enhancements – a new layout that allows up to four applications to be arranged on one screen.
  • Task view – a task bar button that allows the user to see all open apps and files and switch between them as required
  • Multiple desktops – users can create and switch between multiple desktop screens, allowing the user to group distinct workloads together.