29 Jan 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 to launch on Jan 29th

The rumors that have been circulating around the launch date of Microsoft’s latest version of Office 2013 have finally been put to rest. One of the Microsoft Office crew gave confirmation via a ‘tweet’ that the official date for the release is January 29th. The latest version will represent a total rethink of not only the productivity of the software, but also how you can own it.  It will align itself with the changes made in Windows 8 – changing aspects of design, functionality for touch screens, and cloud connectivity. Several versions of Office will be released according to information already shared with manufactures and other stakeholders. The newest being a subscription based service called Office 365, as opposed to a typical license per computer system employed by previous versions. When a customer buys Microsoft Office, they will be able to download it and install it on up to five machines (PCs, Macs or a mix) enhancing not only functionality but also affordability! Have you been holding out for this release? Will you be getting the latest version of Office? Please leave us your thoughts below.