13 Aug 2014

Microsoft Cloud set to arrive in October

At the annual Microsoft partner conference on the 2nd of September, Microsoft are expected to announce their long-awaited Australia-based Azure cloud computing facilities, which will be in two new locations. Microsoft has been planning these Azure facilities in Australia since at least May 2013, when they said in a blog that: “The new Windows Azure major region in Australia will consist of two sub-regions located in New South Wales and Victoria. These two locations will be geo-redundant, offering our customers the ability to back up their data across two separate locations.”

The lack of details has been frustrating for some potential customers, as they try to plan their future IT strategy. However, some will have access to an Early Access Program, which will have a number of partners working with customers to migrate them to the data center before the official launch. For everyone else, the facility is speculated to be open in October.

In the agenda for the event, Microsoft says: “We’ll share best practices from partners successfully developing packaged cloud offerings to manage desktops, storage or servers, as well as new opportunities around Microsoft Azure and our local data centre initiative.”