21 Jul 2011

Mentoring for success

Recently, we’ve been thinking about the value of mentoring within our business.

We have a great mix of experience and youth at Brennan IT, and we want to ensure that the wisdom of our senior managers and technicians is passed on to our entire staff (though we’re sure the benefits will flow both ways).

Whether through a formal program or a casual approach, we think that internal mentoring can help businesses in numerous respects.

Firstly, by partnering ‘old hands’ with new recruits, businesses can make the most of the experience embedded in the company, helping to create a smarter, wiser outfit across the board.

From general knowledge to lessons-learnt and career advice, we see mentoring as a booster for confidence, morale and motivation – helping to develop everything from leadership qualities to problem-solving skills.

From a business perspective, the benefits are many. Besides passing on knowledge, mentoring can also serve as a form of induction, as well as a way to prepare staff for greater responsibilities and roles.

Done well, this has the potential to make businesses more self-sufficient, making it easier to fill staffing gaps should they occur.

At its very best, mentoring can also drive innovation by increasing confidence and providing a guiding hand.

For these reasons, we think that mentoring has a very meaningful role to play in creating a successful business culture.

We also think though, that it’s important for businesses to get mentoring programs right – ensuring that mentor and mentee are well matched, that the schedule for meetings is realistic, and that the objectives of the program are clear.

What have been your experiences as a mentor or mentee? Has it been a successful part of your career or business?