04 Jul 2013

MasterCard and Visa are now banning payment to VPN providers

In the past year, MasterCard and Visa have been taking action against file sharing services, cutting payment abilities to these sites. Now these credit card companies are rallying against anonymous VPN providers in a continued attempt to quash any sites and services that are linked to copyright infringement. This week, Swedish payment service provider Payson received notice that due to a policy change, anonymous VPN services were no longer allowed to accept Visa and MasterCard payments. This order was accepted by Payson, who rely heavily on MasterCard and Visa transactions. VPN provider iPredator is one of the affected customers who have had their payments restricted. Founder Peter Sunde says that they are considering legal action to get the service unblocked, as he believes it is a ploy to prevent people from avoiding government spying. Of course, options like Bitcoin will still keep these types of services alive and well. But the questions remains: is there something wrong with wanting to keep your online activity private, and should the credit card companies be involved in this issue?