15 Jan 2014

Marketing on Marketing: Digital billboards that know who you are launch this year

Australia are yet to implement digital billboard advertising that can tell who is passing by, but that’s set to change this year. AdBidx has been working for the last year on a billboard that can profile the ages and genders of the people that walk by, arming advertisers with valuable information about what advertisements to display in what locations and at what times. For those concerned about privacy, we are assured that the data collected is randomised and delivered as statistics rather than information about individual people – but it does raise the question about how long it will be before this kind of direct marketing could exist.  Will this technology also be implemented outside in the future, to advertise to you based on what car you drive? Billboard technology is already being used to do some amazing things. British Airways during their ‘Loop Up’ campaign late last year used digital billboards to show a wide eyed little boy standing up and pointing at the sky every time a British Airways plane passes by, telling onlookers where the plane is headed or has been to. If digital billboards continue to be used in innovative ways like this in the near future, it’s should only be more interesting for consumers.