Cloud Backup as a Service

Cloud Backup removes the need for investment in your own backup infrastructure, tapes and most importantly peoples’ time spent on troubleshooting and acting on administrative tasks.

Backup your data automatically and retain copies in our secure managed Cloud.

What is it?

Cloud Backup takes the time and frustration away from backing up and restoring your electronic data by robustly and automatically creating copies within Brennan IT datacentres in Australia. You can choose to retain data copies for 1 month or up to 7 years, and when you need to restore a particular file, folder or even an entire network drive, we promptly do that for you.

All this is delivered to you as a service for a monthly fee based purely on the total amount of data actually protected and not an over inflated quota - saving you money.

How it works?

Brennan IT’s Cloud Backup is based on leading industry software produced by Commvault and Veeam. This software controls how and when data is backed up to dedicated servers and robust data storage platform within Brennan IT’s datacentres in Australia. All backup data transfer from your IT infrastructure to the Cloud is securely encrypted over a dedicated private data or Internet connection. Cloud Backup includes file compression and block-level de-duplication to reduce backup times, file size and therefore storage costs. After the initial backup, only changed files are updated with summary level files created within the Cloud copy. Data that you require for long term retention is automatically written to data tape and professionally stored.


Key features and benefits to your business

  • Reduced business risk and achieve regulatory compliance. Brennan IT’s Cloud Backup solutions meets the data retention requirements set out by regulatory bodies such as APRA and ASIC. We are an ISO9001 certified company so you have the confidence in knowing that our business process meet strict global standards.
  • Reduced costs. Cloud Backup removes the need for investment in your own backup infrastructure, tapes and most importantly peoples’ time spent on troubleshooting and acting on restore requests. It’s monthly, pay for data protected pricing that will give you industry leading data protection that is fully managed and scales as your business grows. Many Cloud based backup providers charge you for a data storage allocation but we only charge you for the total amount of compressed and de-duplicated data we are protecting for that month. This saves you money and allows your backup costs to scale as your protected data scales.
  • Customisable backup policies. We give you the flexibility to choose the Backup policy that suits your business needs. Choose to keep data for 1 month, 1 year all the way up to 7 years. If your data needs to remain archived indefinitely, we can do that too and store it on encrypted tape in professional storage facilities.
  • Multi Hypervisor, protect traditional physical servers and databases. Our Cloud backup solution is compatible with both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V and if you still run traditional physical dedicated servers, we can protect those too.
  • Real-time monitoring, management and remediation. Backups to our Cloud happen automatically. To ensure peace of mind, our dedicated Cloud Operations team receive alerts from our Backup platforms and works to remediate any alerts 24/7 giving you peace of mind. Client administrators are also sent automated email notification of such occurrences.
  • Easy to deploy. Cloud backup software is installed on a virtual or dedicated physical server within your IT infrastructure. If you currently use Veeam software for backups you can continue to use it and simply target your off-site copy to the Brennan IT Cloud.

Have Any Questions?

We have offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney all supported by a 24/7 Service Desk.