13 Dec 2011

Making your business more productive

Whether it’s through more effective processes or better use of labour, improving productivity is an ongoing concern of every successful businesses.

Call it ‘doing more with less’, or ‘finding productivity dividends’ – what it boils down to is doing things better, faster and at lower cost.

By nature, ICT solutions are some of the most powerful weapons available to business in this regard.

Here are some of the ways your business can consider boosting productivity:

Better customer service

Every business wants to serve its customers well. Where businesses differ however, is in the amount of effort they must expend to do so.

A properly functioning CRM system that provides a complete, at-a-glance picture of a customer and their history is a huge advantage when it comes to efficiently serving and retaining customers.

And the quicker your business can gather insight and intelligence into customer behaviour, the faster you can find and respond to available up-sell and cross-sell opportunities – reducing the effort required to analyse and understand your marketplace.

At the moment, the rise of cloud-based CRM systems means that the up-front costs of upgrading CRM systems has lowered. They’re also an effective way to roll out the self-service tools many customers are demanding.

Better resource planning

From supply chain to inventory, financials, and payroll management, an effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system will boost productivity wherever the grunt work of a business is done.

By consolidating business systems, an ERP system will increase the insight your business can gather around its operations, helping to find and eliminate inefficiencies. This can lead to lower head counts, reduced costs, and productivity increases though automation and better decision making.

Again, cloud-based systems are leading the way.


At the moment, many questions around productivity are going hand-in-hand with mobility.

The ability to execute business tasks and quickly deliver information wherever and whenever it’s needed is an obvious bonus for productivity (and an increasingly essential one).

Real-time views of stocks, on-the-spot order lodgment, and system-driven checks on data boost performance by increasing business efficiency and reducing mistakes.

For businesses looking for quick ways to increase their productivity, mobility should be a weapon of choice.


When it comes to upping the productivity of a workforce, Unified Communication – once the preserve of big business – is something that mid-sized businesses are now adopting.

The ability to know where a colleague is, what they’re working on, and whether they’re available to take a call eliminates ‘phone tag’, makes customer service more effective, and works to increase staff efficiency across the board. Integrating this with instant messaging, video conferencing and click to call functionality provides a complete unified communications platform across the business.

Thanks to the cloud, it’s now easier to deploy and integrate with existing systems – meaning businesses can use it to find a fast productivity increase and a quick ROI.

Stephen Sims is General Manager Sales & Marketing, Brennan IT

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