08 Sep 2015

Managed Services: A more personalised approach to IT support

As businesses grow, one of the challenges is maintaining the same quality of service and personal touch that customers are used to.

Brennan IT isn’t immune to that challenge, which is why we’ve spent so much time and effort making sure we can keep delivering managed services just like we did when we started the company.

When we were small, we had smaller teams working with a smaller customer base providing a very high level of service.

Our engineers got to know our customers very well personally because the customer always spoke to the same people when they called in. And of course it’s always easier to get things done when you’re talking to someone you know and trust.

Scaling that concept of managed services up to where we are now is a significant challenge.

You don’t have to look too far into the industry to see examples where service becomes impersonal, where support tickets are lodged with a large support desk and it takes longer than you’d like to have problems escalated and resolved.

That’s why we do things differently. For a start, we’ve created the concept of service teams, which are dedicated resources to customers.

While some service providers will tell you that you have a dedicated agents, we’ve taken it a step further and created dedicated service teams consisting of service desk agents, engineers and service managers that sit and work together in pods. This structure really enables the team to quickly collaborate to address your needs.

A big benefit to customers is the quality of service that this model enables us to deliver. We’re not just fixing things more quickly but we’re able to do so more accurately and consistently. By dedicating entire teams to a smaller set of customers, we are able to manage and retain the IP and site knowledge required to effectively service your users in a more personal and familiar manner.

The improved service outcomes have other benefits for you. Instead of talking about day-to-day issues at our monthly meetings, we can use the time to add value with more strategic discussions and technical advisory, and find even more ways to make your life easier.

This model has also delivered a significant contribution to our staff satisfaction levels. Our people are more effective in their tasks and feel they are making a positive contribution to their customers’ needs. It’s much easier for them to deliver quality outcomes when they all sit together and collaborate to produce great outcomes.

At Brennan IT, we are going back to our roots when it comes to a great managed services experience.

I encourage you to watch this video about our approach and to talk with Brennan IT about how we can help you.