20 Feb 2013

Mac’s are hacked at Apples offices!

It was reported that a number of Mac computers at Apple’s offices were infected with the same malicious software that attacked Facebook last week. The breach occurred as a result of some employees visiting a developer website that exploited vulnerability in the Java plug in installing malware on their computers. This incident marks the first major breach in Apple’s security, however no data was stolen. The site responsible is believed to be an online forum called iPhonedevsdk. Beware, according to industry experts it is still infected! Apple security expert and author of ‘The Mac Hacker’s Handbook’ said hackers are turning their attention towards Mac OS for the first time breaking the misconception that Apple computers are virus free. Apple was not the only company to be infected it is believed that hundreds of companies had been attacked with the same malicious software including defense contractors in the US. To protect Mac users that have installed Java, Apple are releasing an updated Java malware removal tool that will check Mac systems and remove this malware if found.