15 Aug 2013

Let me tell you about this app I have… We talk our favourite mobile apps

Stephen Sims – General Manager of Sales and Marketing – Hello Vino vino If you’re out at dinner and find a wine that you like, remembering that wine for next time may be tricky. This app lets you take a picture of the label, see all information on the wine from reviews to distribution, and then add it to your wine list. Or maybe you’re having trouble choosing a wine to go with your meal? This app also recommends the perfect wine for dinner, special occasions and gifts. Simone Barton – Human Resources Manager – Footy Tips footy With this app all your footy tipping needs are met – you can enter your tips (of course), check results and view live scores from your phone. Easy! Andrew Backway – Solutions Architect, Brennan Business Solutions – Across the Room across With this app, you can turn your Windows Phone into a full screen banner with build-in animations. Messages can scroll, flash or slide on the screen, with control over font size, colour, speed and background. Danielle Ross – Accounts Payable Officer – WeatherZone weather Danielle uses this app to get the low down on the weather for her bike rides around the city, to see if it’s okay to head out for lunch and to plan any other outside activities. With the weather as crazy as it is in Australia, it’s not a bad idea to have this app on hand.