31 Mar 2014

Laptops Everywhere; Which One Is Right For You?

Finding the perfect laptop can be difficult; there’s no shortage of choices, after all, and each person is going to have different needs and expectations going in. So here’s a range of different laptops (and approaches to laptop design) for you to consider. Does a standard laptop suit your needs, or is some of the innovation being brought into laptop design more to your taste?
Lenovo X1 Carbon i7-3667U
At nearly $3000, this isn’t a casual computing device; rather, it’s as premium as ultrabook laptops come. The most immediately noticeable thing about the Carbon is that it is so incredibly light at 3lbs, and thin at 18mm. Despite this, it’s a fully robust 14-inch model with a powerful Intel Core processor HD+ high resolution screen, and Lenovo’s RapidCharge technology will recharge the device to 80 per cent in 35 minutes, making it a useful asset to road warriors.


Who is it for?
Anyone who travels a lot, but doesn’t need a rugged laptop, will get a lot of value out of the Carbon. Its power means that it will handle both work and entertainment applications readily, and because it is so light, it’s no burden for anyone carrying it around all day long.
HP Pro X2 410 G1
For people that want all the features of a standard laptop, but also enjoy the value of a tablet, the HP Pro X2 410 G1 will be an ideal choice. Users can detach the screen from the keyboard and use it as a standard tablet interface with the Windows 8.1 operating system. Then when it comes time to work, it’s a matter of simply re-attaching the screen to the keyboard for a full laptop experience.


Who is it for?
With 10-point capacitive multi-touch, you’ll find is very easy to use for both work and play. If communication is important to you, this tablet may do the trick with clear, bright web chats available through dual webcams, a HD display, and Beats Audio.
MacBook Air 11-inch
For those who are happy to step away from Microsoft’s operating system, the MacBook Air is the ideal choice in a laptop. At 11-inches, it’s ideally small to use as a companion laptop for people who travel around a lot. The battery on these laptops is also truly impressive – eight hours of continuous playback for videos over iTunes, and then 30 days standby time before it runs down.


Who is it for?
The Air is an ultraportable laptop, and being apart from the Windows operating system it’s not the ideal choice for work. However, for basic email and document editing on the go, it does the job, and people who are heavily into iTunes for music, movies, and more will get a better entertainment experience out of sticking with Apple for their laptops.
Acer Chromebook
With the news that Google and Cisco are bringing WebEx to Chromebooks, and the continued improvement of Google Apps for work applications, the Chromebooks are starting to look ever more like a worthwhile investment for road warriors. These ultra-light and ultra-cheap devices will only function when connected to the Internet, but paired up with a mobile hotspot, they’re a cheap and convenient way to tap into powerful work tools.  


Who is it for?
People who don’t mind using Google apps will get a lot out of a Chromebook – perhaps as a secondary laptop. The Acer Chromebook has a nice keyboard, long battery life, and is quiet, making it a greatly enjoyable device to use.