17 Nov 2011

Kwik Kopy's cloud odyssey

ZDNet – 16 November 2011

Supporting over 100 printing centres with only five IT staff can be a bit of a strain, which is why Kwik Kopy is now mainly a cloud shop.

Two years ago, Kwik Kopy’s server was on its last legs.

“Our server was getting really old,” C-Y Thew, business solutions manager Kwik Kopy, said. “It was dying. To reinvest in a new server was too expensive and complex.”

It was then that the company decided to turn to the cloud.

The cloud change involved migrating an in-house web-to-print service, and a management information system called PrintSmith.

The company looked around, and finally settled on Brennan IT as a cloud provider, quoting its reasons as being that Brennan’s datacentre was in Sydney, that Kwik Kopy was happy with the service level agreements and that the pricing was “right”.

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