15 May 2014

Key Reasons To Put Your Internal Business Apps On Mobile

A recent survey by Vanson Bourne found only 22 per cent of applications can be accessed from mobile devices. The reason was fairly simple; the CIO and other management were concerned with security (63 per cent of the survey’s respondents claimed this), while a further 48 per cent were concerned the ongoing support and maintenance costs were an issue.

On the other hand, 36 per cent of respondents expected to see an increase in productivity if critical enterprise apps were mobilised.

So there’s not really any excuse; your organisation should be looking to put its apps on mobile devices in order to realise productivity gains. This is especially true when you consider Forrester Research revealed almost half of all devices in corporate networks will be mobile by 2015. The reality is that these devices are too convenient to ignore, increasingly employees want to do their work on them and it makes them more productive. To exclude mobile devices from the working environment would be detrimental to the business, as it will clearly be an expected way for staff to work, and those businesses making good use of smartphone and tablet technology will have a competitive advantage.

There’s great value in developing your own mobile apps for your business; it’s a more secure way to provide enterprise services on the mobile device than trying to work with publicly-available apps. By putting their own apps on mobile, a business is better able to monitor and control their use, and for a security-minded organisation, this will be compelling.

It’s not necessarily easy to build mobile apps; organisations might struggle with a scarcity of resources and skills that make it difficult to properly create a mobile app that integrates connectivity between IT systems, sound user interface design principles, and the integration with external APIs.

But, with the increasingly mobile work force, and the need for staff to spend more time on the road or in meetings, it is increasingly important for staff to use apps that streamline workflow and provide access to meaningful internal data when on the go.