04 Mar 2013

Judge who ruled against Apple is hired as Samsung legal expert.

The war between rival tech giants Samsung and Apple continues on with Samsung hiring the judge who ruled against Apple in their most recent case. Robin Jacob a UK based judge served on the bench of this case last year, and is now one of nine legal experts involved in Samsung’s most recent case against Ericsson. This was made possible because there are no laws in UK preventing a former judge to serve as a legal expert in a different case for the same company who was involved in a previous case where he was the presiding judge. The infamous verdict of this case resulted in Apple being forced to publically announce on their website that Samsung did not copy the company’s iconic iPad. Samsung denies any allegations of wrong doing stating they were not involved in the recruitment of Jacob and he is a merely a contractor for a law firm that represents Samsung Electronics in its case against Ericsson. Ericsson filed a patent infringement complaint against Samsung Electronics with U.S. International Trade Commission. This latest development is sure to heat up the battle fields with Samsung and its competitors we eagerly await the next development. Do you think this was a conflict of interest?