11 Jul 2013

Judge rules Apple guilty of eBook price fixing

Yesterday a US Federal Judge ruled that Apple was guilty of colluding with five major publishers to raise rates of eBooks. The accusations began in 2012, with all 5 publishers agreeing to settlements, leaving Apple as the only company facing a trial. Judge Denise Cote, who made the ruling in the trail said that “the Plaintiffs have shown not just by a preponderance of the evidence but through compelling direct and circumstantial evidence that Apple participated in and facilitated a horizontal price-fixing conspiracy.” While Apple is fairly regularly involved in lawsuits, this one is different – it was an action bought by the U.S Department of Justice, where Apple stood alone as the accused ringleader of a fairly serious crime. Moving forward, it is clear that Apple will be affected by these rulings when dealing with other industries. It is even possible that this case may lead to further investigation on current deals Apple has with music, movie and game businesses.