26 Jan 2012

January 2012 latest news and views

We’re back on deck Our festive season provisioning embargo is over, and all of provisioning activities have returned to normal. 2011 was a busy and productive year for Brennan IT and our customers and we’re looking forward to the same in 2012. If you’ve got plans for the new year, why not contact us to discuss which technologies might best suit your needs.

What to do in January In The Age, our MD Dave Stevens has given some advice on what IT Managers can do in the quieter January period. Views from The Brennan IT blog are ramping up again for 2012. Most recently, Robin Marchant has offered some thoughts on product pricing, and whether yours are priced correctly, while Dave Stevens has examined four technologies that can help your business with effective social media. On his ongoing blog with SmartCompany.com.au, Dave has also recently asked why so many businesses fail to find IT support that meets their expectations, and has also questioned whether or not you should know what your staff are doing online. Follow him here. As always, you can find out more by following us on Twitter.

Stephen Sims is General Manager Sales & Marketing, Brennan IT

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