24 Jun 2013

iWatch this space

Apple has had its ups and downs of late, with a decline in share price and some negative press around their creative future (only compared to its creative past) and ability to compete with the continued growth of Samsung in the mobile space. But when you’re as big as Apple, some of the negativity will often be targeted around products that haven’t even been launched yet – in this instance, the long-rumoured iWatch. Google turned heads when they first showed off Google Glass, but criticism soon kicked-in around the practically, form and function. But with Apple you just know things will be different. A watch is a lifestyle product. Apple’s history has been about innovation and turning technology in to desirable lifestyle choices. Be it large or small, fat or thin, we all know there will be a large crowd of people come launch day, queuing outside each and every Apple store around the world, waiting to get the new iWatch on their wrists. So why so much negativity then? If we look back over 6 years, Apple raised the bar for mobile phones and never looked back. In fact, the world never looked back. Did the world need an iPad? Nope. Can we now live without one? Yes – but we’re all now quite attached. Will it the be the same for the watch market? Mobile phones of old mainly operated with one function; to make calls. Watches today operate in the same way with only one main function – to tell the time. The market is assuming that Apple isn’t going to raise the bar here, but then haven’t we learnt anything from the past 10 years? We all know full well, this is simply not going to be ‘just a watch! 5 million people alone turned out to snap up Apple 5 smartphones the weekend it hit the market, but many of these already owned it’s predecessor. With something so new and  potentially ground-breaking, you would think there will be an increase in the amount of early adopters lining the streets 24 hours before the launch. The iWatch has the potential to be big, it’s simply a case of how big! But will Apple be alone in triumph? Physiotherapists might be smiling too. How? Let’s be honest, when you’re walking down the street today, 80% to 90% of the people you walk past have their heads down, checking their phones. With the birth the iWatch, it’ll potentially be the same, but with elbows bent, leading to cries of ‘Dr, I believe I’ve got tennis elbow’! Will you be an early adopter, or are you too connected to your current wrist wear of choice?