19 Nov 2013

It’s not big data, it’s big analytics

In case you’d been asleep for the last few years, apparently big data is all the rage. Or is it?

“Big data is probably one of the most misused terms – all the way from the United Nations to politicians to corporations to individuals,” according to Steve Kelly, Sales Director for HP Storage in the South Pacific. In his view, there is no single definition for the term.

In Kelly’s view, it’s about “using high-speed storage or cloud services so you can use massive computer power from thousands of servers all working to solve your particular problem. With big data, the biggest use-case is about using the data that you gather for every single transaction you make with a customer and being able to make more money from those customers and better targeting your service delivery”.

Much of the focus around big data has been on the capture and storage of data. But the real issue is about using that data to make smarter decisions about what products and services you can deliver to existing or new customers and to deliver greater efficiencies within your business.

“If I was a retailer, that’s probably the single biggest thing I can do right now,” says Kelly. “Using that massive commodity compute hardware that costs so much less than before I’m able to detect new buying patterns, target my marketing promotions simply because the price performance ratio means I can afford storage so I can store years of data.”

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