24 Sep 2012

iPhone 5 – The verdict is in.

Did you pick up an iPhone over the weekend, or are you considering an upgrade? How does the iPhone 5 compare to it’s predecessors and other phones on the market – and most importantly – is it worth buying one? What the reviewers are saying: The Good A Bigger Screen It is fairly unanimous that the iPhone 5’s new longer screen is a major win for Apple. The 4 inch retina display looks smooth and crisp, and all of Apple’s applications succussfully utilize the extra space. 4G Capability The iPhone 5 includes a 4G antena, which is supported by Australian telcos this time around. The increased speed is significant, with tests finding Telstra 4G able to achieve download speeds of up to 40.82 Mbps in Sydney on this phone. It’s Faster With the inclusion of the A6 chip, the iPhone 5 is able to run applications and games faster, with increased multitasking ability. It’s fairly undisputed across the board – this phone is fast. The Hmmmm…. The EarPods The new earphones that are bundled with the iPhone are known as EarPods, and Apple call them “a breakthrough for ears everywhere”. However, the general consensus on the EarPods is lukewarm, with many reviewers suggesting that while they may be a slight improvement on the old bundled ear phone set, they are by no means a revolution. The Battery While the battery in this phone does have increased power, it seems to be counteracted by the use of 4G, which uses up substantial battery life. The Bad Third-Party Apps The bigger screen is both a blessing and a curse on the iPhone 5. It seems that third-party apps were not given warning of the new display dimensions, and many applications fit on the screen with two black stripes taking up the extra room. The Lightning Port A new connector for the iPhone 5 means that many of the accessories bought over the years will not be initially compatible (although you can buy an adaptor for around $30). The real trouble with the Lightning Port is that it doesn’t seem to bring any benefits – being smaller, and reversable does not seem to be enough reason to make the change. The Maps With the new software released with the iPhone 5, Apple have ditched Google Maps, and the affect is substantial – the maps are not as accurate, versatile and detailed as they previously were. What do you think? Will you be buying an iPhone 5?