07 Jul 2014

Introducing Managed Services Foundations; saving you time and money

One of the core reasons that organisations look to managed services is to strip costs out of the business and free up internal IT to work on competitive differentiators.

Modern managed services come with a lot of value-add, but what if  your organisation is only looking for the basics, or wants to customise additional services as it grows? That’s what Brennan’s new Managed Services Foundations solution is for; it strips managed services back to its most compelling functions, and in doing so offers deep benefits to the customer’s business in an efficient, effective manner.

As the name suggests, Managed Services Foundations is a foundational solution, supplying the three core value propositions of managed services, which customers can then build onto as their needs dictate.

The core value proposition of Managed Services Foundations are:

  • Proactive monitoring and alerting of systems
  • Patch management and security updates
  • Detailed reporting of infrastructure

These functions are all essential processes within any organisation, but they are also mundane, resource-heavy processes and tend to tie up the workloads of internal IT teams. Most organisations would love to free up their internal IT teams to do more interesting and value-adding activities, and Managed Services Foundations is the most efficient way to achieve this.

The cost efficiency of Managed Services Foundations is also compelling to organisations with large development environments. Not many organisations want to invest in a full managed services suite for non-production UAT environments, and Managed Services Foundations is there to allow for proper management of the environments without the additional costs of unnecessary functions that a typical managed services offering would include.

Another area where Managed Services Foundations will be of benefit is for customers on service pack arrangements. This new product allows them to wrap managed services around key servers and receive the benefits of a proactive service to manage critical systems while also not having to pay the cost of a full managed service. They get the best of both worlds, in other words.

This product was developed in response to the constant feedback that we hear of customers with large IT environments who want a cost-effective solution for the proactive management of their environments without necessarily the need to pay for a full managed service.

We also see a lot of new customers with large incumbent IT teams who are looking to outsource routine tasks. After all, the old truism that IT teams are being asked to deliver more value with less resources rings as true now as it ever has, so this is a key way for us to address the ever growing need.