13 Feb 2013

How to save on your IT budget

Technology is increasingly driving the direction of business, and it’s important to stay ahead of your competitors in order to become or remain leaders in your vertical. But how do you achieve this with limited tech budgets, and where will the savings come from? Consider managed services While having a team of IT experts in house may seem the best way to ensure you stay ahead in the game, managed IT services allows you to access a team of technology professionals at a fraction of the cost of running your own IT department, plus with the additional flexibility and scalability to tailor your own service to suit your needs. Re-think Unified Communications Next-generation unified communications solutions provide the opportunity for significant cost-savings. Analyse your current telephony call costs and predicted maintenance expenditure, and speak to unified communications providers about what can be done. Cut transport costs and increase productivity with video conferencing For many companies one of the biggest costs is travel and loss of productivity. Taxis, airfares, parking, it all adds up. Videoconferencing solutions can provide a cost effective way to communicate with staff, customers, suppliers, any where in the world. Not only does it help save on operational expenses, it can also improve your business’s environmental footprint and drives productivity. Embrace IaaS Infrastructure expenditure from a capital budget can really leave holes in an IT department’s finances. Increasingly, companies are opting for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions as a way of ensuring they’ve access to the latest hardware at a simple monthly cost that can be funded out of operational budgets. Talk to Service Providers If you’re dealing with different service providers on a project-by-project basis, or having different partners provide similar services across separate areas of your business, chances are there is some duplication that could be eliminated by taking a more strategic approach to service provider relationships. Author: Wayne De Nysschen, Chief Financial Officer, Brennan IT