25 Sep 2012

How to implement DR to the Cloud

What are the key steps involved in installing a disaster recovery cloud solution?

Our reliance on IT infrastructure is growing. But as the value we place on it is increasing, so are the risks and cost associated with outages due to disaster.

IT needs to remain viable during and after a disaster has struck.

Is DR to the Cloud right for you?

DR to the Cloud is a fully-managed yet highly affordable solution, with two key advantages:

A longer recovery point, in terms of how far back you can go to recover data in time.

A faster recovery time, i.e. how quickly you can get your systems back up and running.

How easy is it to implement?

DR to the Cloud is not a complex project. If you partner with the right DR provider the time and ease of implementation should come as standard. Look for organisations who have operational excellence in these areas.

Start by requesting a disaster recovery assessment. Brennan IT is now offering a complimentary DR assessment. This provides vital information and guidance on the next steps that a client might want to consider when developing a robust disaster recovery strategy.

The steps involved

While the exact steps will vary between individual clients, generally the following key elements will need to be factored in:

– Professional services required to implement the disaster recovery solution

– Installation and configuration of dedicated DR infrastructure

– Configuration of a replication schedule to protect designated workloads

– Testing and documentation of the DR failover process

Reliable and cost-effective

Recent research by Kroll Ontrack estimates that 50% of enterprises lost data in 2011, with 55% of the data lost from traditional storage devices. Just 3% was lost from the cloud.

Using the cloud also reduces the need for IT infrastructure and resources, leading to significant cost reductions. It gives smaller enterprises the ability to deploy disaster recovery options that were previously only accessible to larger enterprises.

Are you considering DR to the Cloud for your business? What are your reasons for doing so?

Mebs Shaikh is Brennan IT’s National Product Marketing Manager – Cloud and Managed Services.