24 Apr 2012

How to be a great employee

What makes a good employee? And what separates good from great? Tell us below.

Employees can make or break a company. The best are those who are there to make a business work – rather than simply work for it.

But what makes a great employee? Is it hard work? Experience? Attention to detail?

Whatever your definition, the best employees are highly valued – sought after for the benefits they can deliver for a business, its clients and its culture.

Here’s what we think makes a great employee and colleague:

They’re flexible

The best employees are willing to go beyond, above, below and to each side of their job description.

This doesn’t mean that they ignore it (indeed, when it comes to their core responsibilities, expect them to be consistent achievers). What it means is that they aren’t precious about their role – they’ll pitch in when and wherever they’re needed.

They’re driven

The best employees not only want projects to succeed, they want success at its highest level. They’re able to work hard (and smart) to achieve it.

They inspire

The best employees bring their teams along for the ride and lead by example. They share credit and let others know when they’ve done a good job. They’re a catalyst for team as well as individual success.

They innovate

Great employees understand the importance of processes, but they also look to improve them. And whether it’s new product ideas, new models or approaches, they’re able to envision and drive the changes that can keep a business on the cutting edge.

They reflect the company

At Brennan IT, a ‘whatever it takes’ culture has played an integral part in our success. We think that the best employees embody the culture of a company – whatever it is that makes the venture succeed.

What do you think? What’s the most valuable quality an employee or colleague can possess?