17 Nov 2011

How healthy is your brand?

Your brand is central to your business and how others perceive it, and how ‘healthy’ it is makes a real difference when customers evaluate your products and services.

At Brennan IT, we see our brand as a way to communicate and engage, and we aim to ensure that it reflects the experience customers will have when they deal with us.

We think there are many ways to build a great brand (indeed, part of doing so is inventing new ones). If you’re thinking about how healthy yours is, these ideas might be of help:

What is a brand?

While brands are in part things that are tangible – logos, websites, offices and stationery – what’s most important about them are their ephemeral aspects – what they represent.

Whether it’s your history, your values, your business identity and image – your brand is at the centre.

Assessing your brand

There are many things to think about when deciding whether your brand is performing, but one of the most important is does it match what you do. Businesses evolve over time. Does your brand reflect how your business is currently positioned, or is it a hang-over from when your business was something else?

Similarly, as businesses change, so do the environments they operate in. Consider how well your brand is suited to the current market. Could it do with a refresh?

Conversations, not campaigns

An important part of your brand is your voice. Social media has made communicating beyond the walls of your business easier than ever, so consider whether it suits your image and how you might best use it.

As a process, it is also worth considering that all of your relationship building needs to sustain the relevancy of an ongoing dialogue. Engage in conversations, not campaigns.

Change is good

Rebranding is always a drastic action. What’s better are processes that continually refresh your brand: whatever you believe will demonstrate that your business is active and moving with the times.

When customers believe that two products are more or less equivalent, it’s fair to assume that they’ll choose the brand whose reputation and advice they trust and they like. If advice, experience and expertise are part of the value you’re delivering, we think it’s important that your brand show it.

What do you think? Do you have a branding experience or any tips to share?

Robin Marchant is National Marketing Manager, Brennan IT