28 May 2013

Google’s ‘wireless balloons’ could deliver internet to emerging markets

A report released on Friday suggests that Google want to fund, build and run wireless networks in emerging marketing including sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. This plan, as reported by The Wall Street Journal could connect up to a billion people to the internet that have previously had no or little access. In order to do this, the report explains, Google will be deploying Wi-Fi not though cable stringing, but by balloons. It would not be an unprecedented move by Google, who have already built a high-speed fibre broadband network in Kansas, and is planning similar roll outs in other cities such as Texas and Utah. There are obvious economic, educational and social benefits to the cities that will have this new infrastructure built. But as well as this, Google will benefit from connecting more people to the internet as it creates Google Search, YouTube, and Google Play users. At this point, a Google spokesperson has declined to comment on these reports.