04 Feb 2013

Google+ now the number 2 social network

There was a lot of speculation after Google launched Google+ over how it would compete against Facebook and Twitter, and it now seems that we have an idea. Over the last week the Global Web Index released a report that shows 51% of social media users have a Facebook account, 25% are on Google+ and 21% are active on Twitter. This means that there are around 343 million active users of Google+, which shows a 27% growth from the last report. When you consider these numbers combined with the account users of YouTube, it shows that Google has a real stake in the social media networking scene. But is this the case? While there can be no denying the number of users that Google+ now boast, there are criticisms that Google+ is more or less a ghost town in terms of content and actual use. It’s been reported that Google are working particularly hard to address this issue, and with Google+ now being tied up with search results and a host of other applications, there is no doubt that Google+ has made itself indispensable in terms of social networking, particularly in the business world.