20 Dec 2012

Google Maps launched for iPhone 5

After nearly 3 months wait, Google Maps is finally available for iOS6, the software launched with the introduction of the iPhone 5. The inaccuracies and frustrations reported from initial consumers highlighted the drawbacks from upgrading to the new IOS5, and indeed the iPhone 5 itself. Reports told tales of Apple Maps directing them into rivers, the wrong way down one way streets, and in the case of people looking for Mildura, the middle of a national park. Up until this point most people have been using Safari as a way of getting to Google Maps, but now there has finally been a release in the app store as a standalone application. The release comes with some interface redesign and new features, but there is still some things missing. At this point, the ‘Public Transport’ option is not available in Melbourne or Brisbane, but you can use this option in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Cairns. On the plus side however, there is the inclusion of turn-by satellite navigation with spoken instructions.  While it’s no Navman, it’s certainly enough to get from point A to B in major metropolitan areas. So will Google be able to reclaim the iPhone?