25 Jan 2013

Google demands warrants for user data.

In Australia, Google complied with 334 government requests for Australian user data in the first half of last year, none of which required a warrant but an “ authorization” from a nominated person within each agency.  This week, Google publicly announced that across the United States around two thirds of the user data given to the authorities was done so without a court-issued warrant. Now things are set to change. Despite the different laws in different countries, Google is demanding that all requests for user data is accompanied by a probable cause warrant. Included in this information is email, user account names and IP addresses of where the account was created and passwords changed. This move coincides with ‘Data Privacy Day’ to be held this Monday, intended to educate customers about how to protect their privacy online and generate discussion about data privacy rights. In conjunction with this, Microsoft have released a video series called ‘Privacy in Action’ aiming to teach users to control the personal information they disclose on the internet. As privacy breaches continue to rise and the law struggles to keep up with the new and ever changing face of the internet, it’s more important than ever to understand your rights and the way you should ensure that your data and personal information is protected.