12 Jan 2015

Getting back to work: Five tips so you don’t wear yourself out

Christmas is the best time of year, where you’ll spend quality time with family and friends and enjoy an opportunity to rest and reset. And at times, the season and break is so enjoyable that getting back to work can be difficult.

The post-holiday blues generally wear off in a couple of days, but it can last weeks, and in some cases can lead to a loss of job satisfaction and lower productivity. In severe cases, it can even lead to actual cases of depression.

Thankfully there are a few easy ways to help get back into the swing of work quickly and happily. Below are our five top tips for getting back to work after Christmas.

1)      Get active

Exercise will help boost your mood (and lose the extra holiday weight in the process, for a double dose of good feelings). A morning jog or a trip to the gym will help generate endorphins and create a sense of physical and mental wellbeing, so that it won’t matter quite so much that you are back at work.

2)      Plan a holiday

Nothing helps deal with a challenging time at work quite like having something to look forward to at the other end. It might only be a weekend at a bed and breakfast, or it could be the next overseas trip, but booking yourself in for the next holiday will give you a countdown which you can stick on the calendar, and this will help alleviate any stress from coming back from the last holiday.

3)      Don’t let yourself get stuck in a routine

This is a big one. One of the constant things that people will dread upon returning back to work is falling into “the grind” – a soul-draining routine that the holiday provides a temporary escape from. There are some very simple things that you can do to prevent work becoming a grind. Vary your trip into work. Join a club after the day is done. Take your work to a café to get out of the office. The more you can vary up your day while still getting the work done, the easier it’ll be easy to settle into routine.

4)      Volunteer

Another good way to get over any post-holiday blues that you might be experiencing is to do something good for other people. Volunteering for people who need help the most is satisfying, and can help put things into perspective, which will in turn make you appreciate the work you get to do all the more.

5)      Be sociable

One of the best ways to get over the holiday blues is to talk about the recent break with other people. Something as simple as catching up with co-workers for a beer or two during the first week or so of work to share holiday stories can help settle back into the organisational family of the business, which will in turn help to make it feel more familiar and comfortable.

The main goal in the first couple of weeks back at work should be to ease yourself back into the process. There will be a lot of emails to catch up on and an alarming amount of paper piled up, the last thing you want to do is stress yourself out on the first day.