03 Dec 2013

From public cloud and back again: hybrid on the rise

Early adopters of public cloud services are as likely to move part of their application to hybrid clouds as they are to keep them on commodity services, a US survey found.

According to the Vanson Bourne survey, 60% of early public cloud adopters have moved either part of their application (41%) or the whole stack (19%) onto equipment they own as the breadth and maturity of hybrid cloud options have grown.

Large and complex applications, such as e-commerce sites, are sometimes hosted on both private and public infrastructure, for instance, if the database server is better suited to deployment closer on a private cloud for security or performance reasons, but other tiers perform better and are more cost-effective on a public cloud.

Survey respondents said the main drivers for shifting from pure public cloud services to a hybrid mix were security (52%), performance and reliability (37%), and the ability to have more fine-tuned control (42%).