12 Apr 2013

From 9th to 18th – Australia falls in global IT ranking.

The 2013 Global information Technology Survey produced by the World Economic Forum (WEF) revealed that across the board, the ‘IT readiness’ of our businesses and governments are not keeping up with other countries across the world. Australia as a whole is currently ranked 18th, which is down from 17th last year and 9th in 2004. The survey reveals that businesses and government bodies are too conservative and cautious when it comes to spending money on IT requirements, which means that they are falling behind in things such as necessary infrastructure, security and speed. This is backed up by a three place drop to 25th for businesses in particular and an 11 place drop to 19th for government. In order to get things back on track, there needs to be a drive towards innovation and investment in IT. While uncertainty around the NBN may be holding people back at the moment the truth is – like with almost everything – no risk means no gain. In order to become an IT powerhouse, Australian businesses and government bodies need to stop seeing technology as a place to make cutbacks, and start seeing technology as a place to invest for long-term, cost-saving business benefits.