05 Feb 2013

Four of the best from CES

The highlights from the biggest technology show on earth, held last month in Las Vegas.

Flawless head-mounted display

HMDs are part of virtual reality folklore, and clunky, buggy versions have been on the market for decades. But they’re looking like they’ll finally go mainstream with the arrival of the Oculus Rift. It’s unlike any previous HMD in terms of the responsiveness, field-of-view, video quality and immersion it offers. Games developers are clamouring to get their hands of them, with 10 000 dev kits pre-ordered already. Inventor Palmer Luckey’s Kickstarter reached its $250 000 target within a mere four hours of listing.

Eye-controlled UI

An eye-tracking peripheral based on last year’s Tobii Gaze platform that lets Windows 8 users control their device simply by looking at it. It’s already available for developers, and consumers will be able to get their hands on it (or gaze upon it) in spring this year.

Bendable OLED screens

In addition to their impressive TV range, Samsung also all-but confirmed rumours they’ve got a flexible-screen phone on the way, demonstrating prototypes featuring their Youm display. While it’s not the paper-thin, foldable material some had predicted, it’s not far off…

Waterproof android phone

Sony used the show to unveil their flagship Xperia Z, which has everything you’d expect in a top-of-the line ‘droid – 13MP camera, 2GB ram. Oh, and it’s waterproof. Rejoice, for you can now push your unsuspecting friends into backyard pools once more. Stephen Sims is the General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Brennan IT.