26 Jun 2013

Fashtronica? A blend of fashion with Technology.

Designers such as Dolce and Gabbana, Alexander McQueen and Michael Kors have put their labels on luxury leather cases for smart phones, iPads, tablets and notebooks. But are customers really buying into it and how far will they go?


Wearable designer tech fashion has made some noise in the market. Google aren’t the only ones coming up with smart glasses but also designer Oakley are investing in sunglasses that use smartphone features and project information directly into the glasses. Some analysts say that by 2016 we’ll see shipments of computerized sunglasses to hit close to $10million units.

The challenge has always been to be able to think the same way customers think. IT companies and suppliers would go to their designers wanting to refresh a range and would then look to current trends. We’ve seen this with HP releasing their personalised product range of laptops and notebooks incorporating artwork from a fashion designer. Dell also jumped into bandwagon with its ‘design studio’ where users could choose from a range of patterns to create a custom laptop, including a range of geometric patterns created by upcoming artists. 


There are also plenty of gadgets making its way into the fitness arena such as Nike, when it first partnered with Apple to launch the Nike+iPod sports kit, letting you track runs, fitness regime and much more. Nike then moved into other areas such as the Nike sports watch with GPS tracking so you know your location, distance, calories etc. On the extreme side, if you have a few million lying around, you can buy the Stuart Hughes iPhone 5. The multi-million dollar iPhone took 9 weeks of intricate handy work to recreate the chassis with 24 carat solid gold with diamonds. The home button also features 600 white flawless diamonds. fashion2 Brands such as Targus, who have bought Sena Cases – a company that specializes in luxury leather goods – have also been brought onboard in the creative process, incorporating fashion into their products. Neil Fox, Targus Marketing Manager says “We’re at the forefront of the whole exercise in Australia. It’s all about accessorizing.” The last 12 months we’ve seen the changes in technology to accommodate consumer needs and wants, from big design changes such as laptops converting to tablets, smart glasses to smaller changes such as designer laptops and phones. The question is, will you buy into it?