31 Aug 2012

Enable and empower with enterprise mobility management

As the use of mobile devices in the workplace becomes ever more prevalent, the need to manage these devices- particularly in terms of security and compatibility- becomes of greater concern. Enterprise mobility management (EMM) can be used as a way of enforcing company policy, managing the security of the environment, and syncing devices with company networks.  EMM can also be used as a way of truly converging Management of Platform (MDM) with Management of Apps (MAM) to secure data. EMM delivers centralised control of all mobile devices within your business- be it company owned, or BYOD. It facilitates the use of smartphones and tablets as well as the apps that run on them, providing a secure and managed environment. EMM can be used to help align mobility management with existing IT resources and processes to fully protect, manage, support and govern mobility on par with all other critical IT systems. Who is affected by this issue? Anyone affected by the commercialisation of IT. To be more specific, IT teams who are worried about potential security breaches and individuals who are apprehensive about giving up their personal devices to be managed by others. Practically speaking, how can EMM be used? The innate function of the solution is to protect both platform devices and data to have a secure and productive experience. This need has led many vendors of enterprise mobility solutions to be extremely user friendly and easily managed. Why should people be interested in this software platform? Businesses can enable and empower their teams to be able to contribute to their organisation’s success anywhere anytime.   Mebs Shaikh is the Product Marketing Manager for Brennan IT’s Cloud and Managed Services.