29 Nov 2012

Email vs social media marketing

There are recent stories about Social Media being bigger and having a greater affect on campaign responses than email marketing. This has caused marketers to rethink their strategy, but what is the most effective use of social media marketing? Social media should be used to complement email campaigns, not replace them. For B2B marketers to stay on top of their game they must learn how to make them work together. The best approach I believe is to build an integrated strategy utilising both mediums to help seed conversations and engage with your clients/prospects in order to build relationships of significance and value. Here are some tips on how: Create a unified strategy Create marketing objectives and see how social media and email marketing can help accomplish these objectives. Create the content for each medium at the same time so they complement one another. This will prevent any gaps or conflicting messages. Use a similar voice and keep it consistent Each brand has its own personality. Keep your tone and mood consistent. The idea is to design your emails to look and sound like your social media look and voice. A consistent tone will help keep your prospects and clients familiar with your brand. Avoid duplicating content Adjust your messages for each site to keep readers interested and engaged. It’s understandable that a prospect or client may unfollow or opt-out if you continually post the same news repeatedly through email and social media channels. Give your recipients the inside scoop This is where you can really see and measure the benefits of combining both social media and email marketing. Use email to share your best discounts or rewards for example and use social media to spread the word. You may decide to post new products via social media but product discounts in emails or vice versa. These exclusive discounts will get people signed up to your email or social media channels. Use email functionality in social media sites Some social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow group owners to send messages to their group members. Create emails targeted to those groups. Reporting When reporting, create marketing reports that show all your email and social media activity and how each influenced eachother. Don’t report on email marketing success separate from your social media mentions. Try to join the peices together and understand if there is a correlation between the increases in email clicks with the increase in social media activity. By combining these strategies, you should be able to be increase the success of both your campaigns.